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Carnival Imagination
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Carnival Imagination cruise ship accidents, incidents and law news reports relate to a passenger vessel with IMO number 9053878, owned by Carnival Cruise Lines. Among the unfortunate events at sea are collisions, ship listing, crew and passenger incidents (deaths, injuries, crimes), shore excursion incidents, machinery malfunctions.

Here you can also track MS Carnival Imagination position at sea.using the AIS live ships tracker of VesselFinder. The 70,400-ton 2640-passenger Carnival cruise ship Imagination was built in 1995 by the Kvaerner-Masa shipbuilding company in Finland.

Carnival Imagination accidents & incidents

Carnival Imagination accidents and incidents - Cruise MinusAt the Carnival Imagination CruiseMinus page you will find a complete list of this Carnival ship’s major accidents and cruise incidents. Reports are made by our own staff using official data from major online news media sources, Wikipedia and USCG (Coast Guard) reports.

Here we also post updates on Carnival Imagination cruise law news. They are related to recent crimes being investigated. Among those could be arrests, filed lawsuits, charges and fines, grievances, settled /withdrawn legal actions, lost cases, etc.

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Fire accident

  • July 13, 2010, a fire broke out in the passenger lifts machinery room (elevators 16, 17 and 18). It was quickly extinguished with CO2-based extinguishers. The cause for the fire was the lift 17’s Harmonic Filter. The list of damaged units included the lift’s control equipment (wires, fire detection system, TV cables), plus 2 passenger and one crew lifts were left inoperational.

Ship collision accident

  • July 26, 2011,  two Carnival ships collided into each other in Key West, Florida. USCG investigation reported that Imagination was already berthed when the maneuvering for mooring Carnival Fantasy hit her. The ships struck stern to stern, and sustained only minor damages. No injuries or pollution were reported. The incident happened when the Imagination was on a 4-day Bahamas cruise from Miami FL, and Fantasy was on a 6-day Florida Bahamas cruise from Charleston SC.

Technical incidents

  • April 15, 2005, propulsion system malfunction resulted in reduced cruising speed and major itinerary changes. Both ports of call (Grand Cayman and Jamaica) were dropped, and replaced by Cozumel Mexico. All passengers received US$100 in onboard credit, plus 25% future Carnival cruise booking discount.
  • October 4, 2006, propulsion system problems resulted in a reduced cruising speed and itinerary changes. The ship had to spend all 4 days in Bahamas (1 in Nassau and 3 in Freeport) instead visiting Ocho Rios (Jamaica) and Grand Cayman. As compensation, Carnival offered US$100 PP in onboard credit.
  • September 28, 2011, while en-route from Miami to Cozumel Mexico, the ship experienced mechanical problems. As a result, all toilets in staterooms located forward and midship were out of order. By the early evening, the problem was fixed.
  • November 15, 2015, while operating on a 4-day Catalina-Ensenada cruise from homeport Los Angeles (Long Beach round-trip, Nov 15-19), the ship experienced a 12-degree listing in both sides. The incident was caused by 30 ft / 9 m high waves and resulted in itinerary changes (call port Catalina Island CA was dropped). All outdoor decks were closed for passengers. At the end of the voyage (Nov 18, while en-route to Long Beach), a pipe broke in the WaterWorks (Aqua Park area) on deck 11 and the water flooded the lido buffet (Horizon restaurant) on deck 10 below. The restaurant was closed for ~14 hours for cleaning.

Crew & Passenger Death accidents

  • June 21, 2006, a male crew was reported missing and presumed fell overboard after failing to report for duty. During th accident, the ship was on a 5-day itinerary, and en-route to Grand Cayman from Miami. The conducted search operation didn’t find the body.
  • September 11, 2006, a 35-year-old female passenger was reported missing after docking in homeport Miami FL. The ship returned from a 4-day Key West and Mexico itinerary. The woman was least seen on Sept 10, ~6 hours after the ship left the Calica port (Playa del Carmen).
  • June 20, 2007, a 57-year-old male crew (of Italian origin) was reported missing after failing to show for work, and presumed fell overboard. The man was last seen on June 19. The ship was on a 5-day Eastern Caribbean cruise from Miami to Jamaica (Ocho Rios) and Grand Cayman.
  • February 3, 2010, a male passenger died on a Sponsored by Carnival parasailing tour in Cozumel, Mexico. According to a witness report, the man’s harness failed and he died dropping ~250 ft / 75 m to the water.
  • March 28, 2010, while the ship was docked in Bahamas (Nassau, pier 20), a female passenger was found on the floor in her cabin. She was transported to the infirmary via stretcher and treated by the ship’s med staff. Later the woman died of cardiac arrest (death from natural causes).
  • May 19, 2010, a male passenger died of cardiac arrest (death from natural causes).
  • June 6, 2011, a 32-year-old male passenger were reported missing after failing to embark the ship again in Nassau Bahamas. The man was last seen at ~2:30 pm, driving off on a hired Jet Ski at Cabbage Beach. The man disembarked the ship at ~10:45 am and was reported missing at 10.30 pm. Later, his jet ski was found off the Nassau’s coast.

Crew & Passenger incidents (injuries, crimes)

  • August 9, 2005, at ~5 am, a 20-year-old female passenger jumped overboard. She was miraculously saved (found alive by another vessel around noon) and flown to Miami. The incident caused itinerary change (Jamaica was skipped) and all passengers received US$40 in onboard credit.
  • March 2, 2010, a female passenger sustained injury (fractured right leg) after slipping in the cabin bathroom’s shower). She was disembarked in Key West and transferred to Lower Keys Medical Center for surgery.
  • December 31, 2010, a female passenger was medevaced after ship doctor’s suspected gastrointestinal bleeding. The woman lost consciousness for a short time, and was experiencing chest tightness. She had a preexisting medical condition (stomach tumor), suffering from hypertension and on medications (HCTZ / Hydrochlorothiazide – diuretic used to treat high blood pressure).
  • May 1, 2012, while the ship was docked in Key West, Florida, a male crew of Indonesian origin suffered injury (amputated right middle finger tip). The incident happened when he was cutting cabbage with a machine. When the ship docked in Nassau, Bahamas, the injured crew was disembarked and transferred to a hospital. After being hospitalized for 8 days, he was  sent home for 3 weeks.
  • June 22, 2014, a male passenger sustained injury (fractured right leg) after tripping on threshold and falling on carpeted floor. The man was disembarked and transported to local hospital.
  • September 18, 2015, a 24-year-old female passenger (suffering from appendicitis) was medevaced by an USCG helicopter (MH-60 Jayhawk) dispatched from San Diego CA. During the incident, the ship was ~50 ml / 80 km southwest of Point Loma CA.
  • October 24, 2016, at ~ 2 am, an elderly female passenger was airlifted by USCG helicopter (MH-60 Jayhawk) and flown to a San Diego hospital. The woman suffered from a head injury (had seizures) after falling. The ship was approx 60 ml (95 km) northwest of San Diego CA.

Carnival Imagination current position

On the above map you can track the Carnival Imagination cruise ship’s position now. It shows the vessel’s current location at sea (or in port) by live tracking of its IMO number 9053878. If you lose the ship on the map, please reload this page.