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MSC Poesia
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MSC Poesia cruise ship accidents, incidents and law news reports relate to a passenger vessel with IMO number 9387073, owned by the MSC Crociere line company (subsidiary of the MSC shipping company). Among the unfortunate events at sea are collisions, crew and passenger incidents (deaths, injuries, crimes), drug smuggling, shore excursion incidents, machinery malfunctions.

Here you can also track MSC Poesia position at sea.using the AIS live ships tracker of VesselFinder. The 92,650-ton 3600-passenger MSC cruise ship Poesia was built in 2008 by the STX Europe shipbuilding company in France.

MSC Poesia accidents & incidents

MSC Poesia accidents and incidents - Cruise MinusAt the MSC Poesia CruiseMinus page you will find a complete list of MSC Cruises Poesia ship’s major accidents and cruise incidents. Reports are made by our own staff using official data from major online news media sources, Wikipedia and Coast Guard reports.

Here we also post updates on MSC Poesia cruise law news. They are related to recent crimes being investigated. Among those could be arrests, filed lawsuits, charges and fines, grievances, settled /withdrawn legal actions, lost cases, etc.

You can add more details or submit your own MSC Poesia ship incidents (negative cruise experience reports) via the Cruise Minus “contact us” form.

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Ship grounding accident

  • January 8, 2012, the MSC cruise vessel (drought 26 ft / 8 m) ran aground while sailing into a shallow waters (16 ft / 5 m), thus destroying a substantial length of a coral reef. The incident occurred at ~7 am, near Freeport (on Grand Bahama island, Bahamas) while navigating toward call port Port Lucaya. The ship called for help and was assisted by several tug boats preventing it from further grinding damage to the coral reef, as the wind continued to push it into shallower waters. Although the ship was unable to leave the area until high tide (at ~8 pm), all passengers were disembarked and ferried via its tender boats. The local shore excursions and the scheduled itinerary were not affected. The ship was operating on a “Holy Ship!” (music-themed cruise to Bahamas from Port Everglades) and continued to the next call port Half Moon Cay (private island).
  • Note: Most ship grounding accidents (when the marine vessel’s hull impacts the seabed) happen at lower cruising speeds, since the ships operate in known to be shallow waters. Such incidents usually result in stranding (with or without significant hull damages). However, if the hull is breached, the result would be flooding, which may compromise the vessel’s stability and safety. The well-known example for such a tragic accident is the Costa Concordia sinking after hitting a rock in January 2012.

Pier collision accident

  • January 12, 2012, upon leaving call port Falmouth Jamaica, the MSC cruise vessel’s stern collided with the pier. The accident caused serious damages to both the pier and the ship. The concrete docking pier sustained a gash (~15 ft / 5 m long, and 4 in / 10 cm deep). As the ship continued out of the Falmouth port, it also ran over a stationary buoy, which was destroyed and subsequently sank. No injuries were reported.
  • Note: Actually, this type of marine accidents is called “allision” (striking a fixed object) as opposed to “collision” (striking another vessel).

Ship collision accident

  • June 6, 2008, two different lines cruise vessels – the Poesia and the Costa Classica (renamed to neoClassica in 2014) – collided in the harbor of call port Dubrovnik Croatia (in the Adriatic Sea, Central Mediterranean). The accident occurred after the MSC ship’s anchor line loosened and it drifted towards the Classica. No injuries were reported. The scheduled itineraries of both ships were not affected.

Crew & Passenger Death accidents

  • December 30, 2009, a 52–year–old female passenger died ashore, while the ship was docked in call port George Town, Grand Cayman. The accident occurred at ~4 pm, on a sponsored by MSC Cruises diving excursion. During the diving tour, the woman suddenly felt unwell and lost consciousness. Her husband alerted the tour operator’s staff. She was conveyed ashore after undertaking CPR, then immediately transported via ambulance to the George Town Hospital, where was pronounced dead.

Crew & Passenger incidents (injuries, crimes)

  • January 8, 2010, the police evacuated ~300 people at the Port Everglades cruise terminal 4 (Fort Lauderdale Florida) and closed the terminal. The incident occurred at ~10:30 am during disembarkation (from a 5-days Bahamas itinerary), after a 25-year-old male passenger was arrested by US Customs officers for carrying a suspicious liquid in his baggage. The disembarkation was delayed as a hazmat technicians team boarded the ship for investigation. The terminal was reopened ~3 hours later.
  • January 9, 2012, during the Jan 9 to 14 voyage (music-themed Jam Cruise), an intoxicated male passenger climbed up to a restricted area on Foscolo (Lido) Deck 13 and jumped overboard into the sea. The man was successfully rescued and medevaced (airlifted) to a hospital in Jamaica. The roundtrip itinerary from Fort Lauderdale visited Labadee Haiti and Falmouth Jamaica.

Drug smuggling incidents

  • January 4, 2011, the vessel was docked in homeport Port Everglades (Fot Lauderdale) and preparing for departure on a “Jam Fest” (music-themed) cruise to Western Caribbean. Local authorities (police, Border Protection, DEA, Customs and Immigration officers) boarded and raided the ship searching for contraband goods and illegal drugs. The operation, assisted by sniffing dogs, resulted in several passenger arrests and a total of 15 seizures (including of LSD, psychedelic mushrooms, marijuana, ecstasy, prescription drugs and paraphernalia).
  • May 4, 2014, the ship was docked in call port Funchal Madeira Island (Portugal’s autonomous territory). The local police boarded and seized 132 kilos of cocaine, also arresting 3 male passengers (aged 29, 32, 33) and charging them with drug smuggling. The huge amount of cocaine was stored in their cruise cabin, in their backpacks and also taped around their bodies. The incident occurred on a on a Transatlantic repositioning cruise from South America to Europe (Buenos Aires to Barcelona), which itinerary included call ports in Argentina, Brazil, Canary Islands and Spain.

MSC Poesia current position

On the above map you can track the MSC Poesia cruise ship’s position now. It shows the vessel’s current location at sea (or in port) by live tracking of its IMO number 9387073. If you lose the ship on the map, please reload this page.