Pacific Aria (MS Ryndam)

Pacific Aria (MS Ryndam)
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Pacific Aria cruise ship accidents, incidents and law news reports relate to a passenger vessel with IMO number 8919269, owned by Carnival Corporation and operated by its subsidiary the P&O Cruises Australia line company. Among the unfortunate events at sea are fires, epidemic Norovirus illness outbreaks, crew and passenger incidents (deaths, injuries, crimes), pollution, machinery malfunctions.

Here you can also track MS Pacific Aria position at sea.using the AIS live ships tracker of VesselFinder. The 55,800-ton 1300-passenger P and O cruise ship Pacific Aria was built as “MS Ryndam” in 1994 by the Fincantieri shipbuilding company in Italy.

P&O Pacific Aria accidents & incidents

P&O Pacific Aria accidents and incidents - Cruise MinusAt the Pacific Aria CruiseMinus page you will find a complete list of P&O Cruises Pacific Aria ship’s major accidents and cruise incidents (including when operating as “MS Ryndam”). Reports are made by our own staff using official data from major online news media media sources, Wikipedia and Coast Guard reports.

Here we also post updates on P and O Pacific Aria cruise law news. They are related to recent crimes being investigated. Among those could be arrests, filed lawsuits, charges and fines, grievances, settled /withdrawn legal actions, lost cases, etc.

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Service history

  • During its service history, this cruise ship was also known as “Ryndam” (launched 1994) being constructed for the Holland America Line. HAL operated the vessel until 2015, when it was transferred by the shipowner Carnival Corp to the P&O Australia cruise line’s fleet.
  • The vessel is of the same class as the Holland America ships Maasdam and Statendam (currently Pacific Eden). For Holland America, Ryndam also operated on Caribbean cruises from Florida (during winter) and on Alaskan cruises from Vancouver BC Canada (during summer).
  • Before its transfer to P&O, the Ryndam ship was dry-docked for refurbishment in Singapore, then renamed to “Pacific Aria”. The P&O Australia naming ceremony was in Sydney (held on November 25, 2015). The ship’s godmother is Jessica Mauboy.

Fire accidents

  • June 7, 2013 (Ryndam) the vessel suffered a fire accident while operating on a 7-day Norwegian Fjords cruise (itinerary June 1-8) roundtrip from Dover (England UK). The accident occurred at ~ 0:20 am when the ship’s fire alarm sounded. The fire was in the funnel’s exhaust pipe. Flames were soon extinguished. The whole incident lasted approx 40 min. The itinerary was not affected.
  • 2003 summer (Ryndam) during its Alaskan inaugural cruise season, the ship reported a fire accident. It occurred in an onboard storage area on service deck 3 (B Deck and during berthing in Juneau Alaska. Damages were minor and the fire was quickly extinguished. The itinerary was not affected.

Technical incidents

  • January 7, 2016, an Australian news media reported an iPhone video footage of storm water cascading down stairs and spilling into the corridors of the ship. The incident was video recorded on December 30 while the ship was en-route from Cairns to Brisbane. According to P&O Cruises Australia, the accident was due to a huge downpour during storm. As compensation, on Dec 31 the ship provided free drinks for a period of 6 hours.
  • Note: All the following technical incidents and accidents were reported on Holland America’s Ryndam ship.
  • November 18, 2012 (Ryndam) USCG reported the ship experiencing maneuverability problems.
  • 2009 (July 21) and 2010 (May 20, August 20) the Ryndam ship was reported for pollution in Alaska – exceeding the monthly allowable levels for ammonia and E-coli bacteria.
  • April 11, 2007 (Ryndam) at ~1 pm, the ship shuddered, slowed and eventually stopped. After awhile it continued at reduced speed. The accident resulted in 4-hours late arrival in port San Diego CA, where the vessel had to be assisted by tugboats during entering and berthing. As the incident was caused by Azipod (propulsion unit) malfunction, an ABB specialist was flown from Finland to fix the problem.
  • March 13, 2007 (Ryndam) due to cleaning procedures following a Norovirus illness outbreak, the ship’s scheduled March 13 departure was changed to March 15. All booked passengers were allowed to cancel (with full refund) or receive 2-day refund in addition to onboard credit per person.
  • December 9, 2006 (Ryndam) due to engine and electrical problems, the ship remained anchored for the night in Tampa Bay. Engine problems occurred ~1 hour after the departure from Tampa Florida. After ship’s power was restored, the USCG forced the vessel to remain moored overnight for further investigation.
  • August 1, 2006 (Ryndam) the ship suffered propulsion motor failure while in Alaska (en-route from Ketchikan to Juneau). Operating with just 1 propulsion motor, the vessel continued while the crew unsuccessfully tried to make repairs during the cruise. On Aug 2, technical team from the unit’s manufacturer (ABB) was sent to Juneau and fixed it.
  • March 13, 2003 (Ryndam) the ship listed portside (at ~6:30 pm). The accident resulted in crew and passenger injuries, broken tableware, damaged furniture, empty pool, flooded elevator shafts (damaged lifts portside). The accident was caused by mechanical failure during switching between manual navigation and auto pilot.
  • August 17, 2002 (Ryndam) the ship was reported for pollution in Alaska – sewage sludge was discharged into Juneau harbor.
  • August 2002 (Ryndam) while in Alaska (Lynn Canal) the ship lost power (including all propulsion) and drifted for around 20 min (as the sea was too deep to anchor). The ship was tugged to Auke Bay, where was inspected by USCG. As result, the scheduled Glacier Bay was replaced with Tracy Arm Fjord and Sawyer Glacier.

Crew & Passenger Death accidents

  • April 2, 2015 (Ryndam) a couple was found dead in their cabin. The murder-suicide accident occurred while the ship was berthed in San Juan Puerto Rico. The couple (man and woman in their 50s) were from Cleveland Ohio. How they died remained unclear. The bodies were found by the crew. The ship was on a 14-day Southern Caribbean cruise roundtrip from Tampa to Key West FL, followed by 2 sea days before San Juan.
  • December 21, 2014, a 27-year-old male crew (from Thane India) was reported missing and presumably overboard. The accident occurred in the Caribbean, while the ship was returning to Tampa Florida. The man’s body was found on December 26 along Sand Key Park (Clearwater Beach, Florida).
  • February 2, 2011 (Ryndam) a 60-year-old female passenger died ashore while the ship was berthed in Belize City. The accident occurred at ~2 pm in the waters of Goff’s Caye where the snorkeling woman got caught in the tour boat’s propeller, cutting her in pieces. Badly injured, she was ambulanced to Belize Medical Associates (private hospital) where she succumbed to the injuries. The woman and her husband were on a snorkeling excursion on a 65-ft catamaran boat. The woman was snorkeling with 3 other cruise ship tourists when went under the tour boat.

Crew & Passenger incidents (injuries, crimes)

  • May 29, 2017, an Australian news media reported that a 33-year-old male passenger was arrested and charged with raping. He allegedly abused his cabin mate (travel companion) – a woman in her 40s, The incident occurred while the ship was off Queensland Australia’s coast, operating on a 4-day Cruise to Nowhere from Brisbane.
  • June 10, 2014 (Ryndam) while en-route to Stavanger (Norway), the ship had to turn back to port Kristiansand (Norway) around 30 min after departure due to medical emergency. A male passenger (suffering from acute illness) was disembarked and ambulanced to Sorlandet Hospital Kristiansand.
  • November 27, 2010 (Ryndam) a 44-year-old male passenger (while in an intoxicated condition) broke into a control room (at 5,25 am) and released the cruise ship’s stern anchor while Ryndam was in Caribbean Sea, en-route from Mexico (Costa Maya) to Tampa Florida. The man (Rick Ehlert, from Thousand Oaks California) was traveling together with his girlfriend and admitted to the crime. He was charged with a 3-count indictment – for attempting “damage, destroy, disable, or wreck a vessel”. Releasing the anchor on a moving vessel could have damaged its navigation and propulsion (rudder and propeller), thus , disabling its ability to maneuver. Also possible was hull damage causing flooding or even sinking.

Norovirus cruise illness outbreaks

  • Note: All the following illness outbreaks were on the Holland America’s Ryndam ship.
  • 2011 December, CDC reported on itinerary December 11-18, the Ryndam ship had Norovirus outbreak with affected 69 passengers (out of 1298, or 5,3%) and 6 crew (out of of 574, or 1,1%).
  • 2011 November CDC reported on itinerary November 3-20, the Ryndam ship had epidemic Norovirus outbreak with infected 148 passengers (out of 1188, or 12,5%) and 11 crew (out of of 574, or 1,9%).
  • 2008 February, CDC reported on itinerary February 15-25, the Ryndam ship had epidemic Norovirus outbreak with infected 113 passengers (out of 1226, or 9,2%) and 8 crew (out of of 556, or 1,4%).
  • 2007 March, CDC reported on itinerary March 3-13, the Ryndam ship had Norovirus outbreak with affected 61 passengers (out of 1209, or 5,1%) and 7 crew (out of of 593, or 1,2%).
  • 2007 February-March, CDC reported on itinerary February 21-March 3, the Ryndam ship had epidemic Norovirus outbreak with infected 184 passengers (out of 1260, or 14,6%) and 26 crew (out of of 579, or 4,5%).
  • 2007 January-February, CDC reported on itinerary January 22-February 21, the Ryndam ship had epidemic Norovirus outbreak with infected 110 passengers (out of 1153, or 9,5%) and 14 crew (out of of 573, or 2,4%).
  • 2006 May, CDC reported on itinerary May 14-21, the Ryndam ship had epidemic Norovirus outbreak with infected 102 passengers (out of 1279, or 8%) and 13 crew (out of of 570, or 2,3%).
  • 2006 May-June, CDC reported on itinerary May 28-June 4, the Ryndam ship had Norovirus outbreak with affected 64 passengers (out of 1230, or 5,2%) and 5 crew (out of of 574, or 0,9%).
  • 2005 January, CDC reported on itinerary January 13-29, the Ryndam ship had epidemic Norovirus outbreak with infected 272 passengers (out of 1223, or 22,2%) and 37 crew (out of of 574, or 6,4%).
  • 2004 February, CDC reported on itinerary February 7-14, the Ryndam ship had Norovirus outbreak with affected 73 passengers (out of 1260, or 5,8%) and 9 crew (out of of 550, or 1,6%).
  • In 2002, CDC reported 3 norovirus outbreaks – itinerary April 7-24 (na), itinerary July 1825 (167 passengers, 9 crew), itinerary July 25-August 1 (189 passengers, 30 crew).
  • Note: When the itinerary doesn’t include US cruise ports, the ship is not required to report to CDC, thus no official illness report would be issued.

MV Pacific Aria current position

On the above map you can track the MS Pacific Aria cruise ship’s position now. It shows the vessel’s current location at sea (or in port) by live tracking of its IMO number 8919269. If you lose the ship on the map, please reload this page.